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Since more than thirty years of existence, A' STUDIO '90 Ltd. has become a nationally recognised figure in the architectural profession, in all areas of general design.

It has successfully participated in national design competitions, winning design rights for major public and private projects. The biggest of these are the new National Theatre, the reconstruction of the Nyíregyháza Theatre, a series of department stores, the dormitory of the UNIVERSITAS in Debrecen, etc. He participates in the jury of national design competitions, in the preparation of design proposals for county governments requiring central support, in the localisation and dissemination of environmentally friendly and new building materials and structures, and in the recognition of the architectural profession in general through exhibitions and lectures.

Ensure that its own staff have access to a professional diploma or higher qualification and attend a Master's school, which is the elite training for the profession. Graphisoft is a key partner in the field-testing of the development of the world-famous ARCHICAD computer-aided design software. The entire packaging and advertising material of the program distributed around the world was solved by the work of A' STUDIO.

National and international architectural journals and books regularly publish our work.

In order to significantly increase the number of orders and increase nationwide coverage, A' STUDIO '90 LTD. established its 100% subsidiary, ADVANCED ARCHITECTURAL WORKS LTD. in 2016 as a Budapest site.

A' STUDIO '90 LTD is constantly striving to maintain its position and increase its share of the design, consulting and advisory engineering sector. The Customer is at the centre of our activities. We strive to meet the needs of our clients to a high standard and to be flexible to the needs of the market. Our company is made up of highly qualified engineers with many years of professional experience, Their qualifications and decades of professional experience, along with a well-equipped, state-of-the-art computer park and software, ensure high quality work. In addition to being recognised as leading designers, our staff are also involved in the academic community and hold various positions in professional self-regulatory bodies.



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Our expertise and passion for architecture guarantee quality design and innovative solutions

A face-to-face conversation gives you the opportunity to communicate quickly and effectively. So we will be able to understand your specific needs and ideas


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During the various design works, while meeting the Client's requirements as much as possible, we pay special attention to designing with maximum consideration of economic aspects, environmental protection and the planning of systems using renewable energy resources. The Customer is at the centre of our activities. We strive to meet the needs of our clients to a high standard and to be flexible to the needs of the market. We consider it important to use the latest innovative construction technologies available when designing our projects, and provide continuous training for our colleagues to keep up to date. Our buildings are designed for sustainability, rational operability and usability, with a strong focus on occupational health and safety.

Our employees are certified to create and access Top Secret classified material, our head office in Nyíregyháza has a Site Security Certificate and the necessary physical security rooms, we have a NATO supplier's licence and we are ISO 9001 certified.