I have been an architect since 1999, and since then I have been working for A’ Stúdió’ 90 Kft., of which I have been the owner – managing director since 2006. Since its establishment in 1990, our office has been on the map of contemporary Hungarian architecture under the name of Ferenc Bán, Kossuth Prize-winning architect. Feri has taught everyone in our office a lot, and although we have added new members to our team over the years, I feel that we have been able to develop and pass on the professional knowledge we have gained to our younger colleagues.

In our architecture, our love for clean and modern forms is evident, and our designs seek the perfect harmony of technical innovation and aesthetics, always combined with functionality and visual experience, according to the possibilities of the project. We take a maximalist approach to architectural design, fine-tuning details to a level that not only meets functionality, but also provides a stunning aesthetic experience. For every building, we try to deviate from the established protocol in the hope of a better solution, believing that even a strictly functional building can leave its mark without becoming an end in itself. In our architecture, the materials we use play an important role, not only as building materials but also as means of expression. We are open to new technologies and innovations, and are keen to integrate them into our projects. We are committed to creating unique and stunning architectural experiences in each and every one of our projects.

Take a look at our main works and be part of our modern architectural world, focused on functionality and beauty!